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Reverse Osmosis vs. Water Softening Systems: Which Do I Need? June 24, 2019

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Reverse Osmosis vs. Water Softening Systems: Which Do I Need?, Myers Corner, New York

Hard water is loaded with minerals that can create complications in your home. It’s not ideal for cleaning and may create buildup in pipes. Many homeowners resolve the issues with a reverse osmosis system and water softening system. Each has its advantages. Consider the following if you’re looking to integrate a system.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems filter water to catch impurities, including chlorine, salt, lead, fluoride, pesticides, and nitrates. You can install single-fixture systems or whole home osmosis systems. This process leads to cleaner, often tasteless water that’s safer for drinking and ensures you aren’t ingesting or washing your body with harmful chemicals. It also leads to softer water that’s better for cleaning and keeping your pipes healthy. Whole-home systems are especially effective if you have a well or if your water has a strange smell or color.

Keep in mind that cheap reverse osmosis systems aren’t always environmentally friendly. They can waste a significant amount of water during the filtration process, which is why you should always buy from a reputable dealer.

Water Softening

reverse-osmosis-the-water-sourceThe key word with water softening is “conditioning.” Rather than filtering out contaminants, water softening systems condition water through ionization. During this process, it replaces magnesium and calcium with friendlier minerals like sodium. This leads to natural-tasting water, cleaner dishes and laundry, and decreased clogs.

However, the softeners won’t remove pesticides and other chemicals. Because of this, many homeowners use both reverse osmosis and water softening systems together.


If you’re ready to add a water purification system to your home, turn to the professionals at The Water Source. Based in the Hudson Valley, NY, this company brings over 25 years of industry experience to their customers. They offer both reverse osmosis and water softening solutions from leading manufacturers and can perform routine maintenance to ensure your plumbing system is healthy. Call (845) 297-1600 to speak with a representative. You can explore their products online and connect on Facebook for deals and updates.

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