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3 Top Benefits of Becoming a Certified Home Health Aide September 26, 2019

Wakefield, Bronx
3 Top Benefits of Becoming a Certified Home Health Aide, Bronx, New York

Becoming a certified home health aide is a rewarding career path that will challenge and fulfill you in ways you’d never imagined. It also offers you a competitive advantage in a growing industry. Below are the top reasons why you should make the leap and begin your training.

Why You Should Become a Certified Home Health Aide

1. Make a Difference 

As a certified home health aide, you’ll have a lasting impact on the lives of every client you meet. You’ll be helping people live happier, safer, more independent lives. They’ll depend on you to be there when they need you. From help with simple household tasks to assistance with food preparation and hygiene, your assistance will make a difference to them, so you’ll get satisfaction from knowing that what you do has meaning. Your services will also help their loved ones and families; by entrusting their loved one to your professional expertise, they won’t have to worry so much. 

2. Open the Door for a Career In Health Care

certified home health aideThe medical training you receive to become a home health aide will lay a solid foundation for advancing your career in health care. If you want to study nursing, physical therapy, or a similar area of health care, the general knowledge and experience you’ll gain during your education will pave the way for more advanced studies. It also gives you a more concrete idea of how your medical career will be. If it’s your permanent career goal to become a health aide, you’re in luck: the industry is expected to continue to boom, so you’ll be highly employable. 

3. Have a Flexible Schedule 

Having a work-life balance is a unique advantage of this career path. Many certified health aide companies offer flexible scheduling. You’ll be able to choose what days and times you visit clients’ homes, for the most part, allowing you to work around medical school or family obligations. 


At Big Apple Training in the Bronx and White Plains, NY, you’ll receive advanced medical training to prepare you for your career in health care. For over 20 years, they’ve offered training for nursing assistants, certified home health aides, and EKG technicians. They also offer continuing courses like advanced cardiac life support training. All of their classes are taught by skilled instructors who are experienced in their subjects. Learn about their home health aide services online, and call (914) 437-7373 to enroll today.