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3 Benefits of Biofuels May 8, 2019

West Haven, New Haven County
3 Benefits of Biofuels, West Haven, Connecticut

Biofuels are becoming increasingly popular among business and homeowners. Unlike these environmentally friendly products, traditional fuels are often expensive, emit high levels of greenhouse gasses, and are finite. Here are some of the benefits of biofuels, and why so many are turning to them as alternative fuel sources.

The Advantages of Biofuels

1. Sustainability

Fossil fuels are finite, while the plants, such as rapeseed, and other materials used to create biofuels can be replanted. Already, the conversion of biomass contributes 78% of the total renewable energy worldwide. More and more farms are converting their crops and plants into renewable energy resources. Additionally, America has the potential to create one billion tons of biomass yearly without damaging the environment. Plus, biofuels can reduce 30% of fossil fuel consumption. 

2. Reduced Need for Foreign Oil

biofuelBecause greenhouse gas emissions from corn-based ethanol are 39% lower than those from fossil fuels, business owners and homeowners are increasingly using biofuels. In addition to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, many Americans are getting jobs in the biofuel industry, helping the American economy to grow. 

3. Cost

Currently, the costs for biofuels are about the same as gasoline; the prices are down from a decade ago when they typically went for $9 per gallon. However, because they perform far better than traditional fuels, they last longer and lead to lower maintenance costs for the machinery. 


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