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What to Know about Oil Furnaces & Summer May 3, 2019

What to Know about Oil Furnaces & Summer, Dutchess County, New York

You’ve relied on your heating oil furnace all winter long, but now that temperatures are rising, it’s time to decide what to do with it for the summer. Determine whether you’ll conserve energy and money by turning it off or leaving it on for the season. Which you choose will depend on a few unique factors discussed below.

A Guide to Turning Your Heating Oil Furnace Off for the Summer  

Why Some People Leave Theirs On

Some homeowners need their furnace to run during the summer. If your oil furnace supplies the heat for your home’s hot water tank, for instance, you’ll need to keep it going year-round. Some central air conditioning systems may use the furnace’s blower to distribute the cooled air. If you’re a new homeowner and you’re unsure what kind of system you have, consult your HVAC or oil professional for help. 

If you will not need your oil furnace during the summer, it’s best to turn it off. This is because your furnace will still burn oil while your thermostat is turned down, due to the loss of heat that occurs in the system. This is especially common in systems that have a pilot light. Turning it off for the warmer season will save you in energy costs and fuel usage by avoiding that wasted energy generation. It will also avoid the noise that your furnace makes while it runs.

How to Turn It Off

heating oilThere’s a proper method of preparing your oil storage tank and furnace to ensure that you’ll be able to use it again come autumn without problems. First, schedule an oil tank maintenance appointment so they can remove any buildup, replace the filters, and check the tank for signs of corrosion. Then, they’ll fill the tank with oil to keep insects and moisture out. Ask your fuel company about using additives designed to prevent the creation of sludge. Once you’re fully loaded, tighten the fill and vent caps on your tank to keep debris and pests out. 

From there, turn your thermostat as far down as it will go. Wait for the burners to extinguish, so that only the pilot light is left. Turn the power switch on your furnace to the off position. You can typically find this mounted directly on the unit. Turn the handle on the oil feed line, which should be towards the bottom of the unit. Lastly, you should also turn the valve of your oil tank to the off position. Your heating oil company can also help you with these steps. 


When the time comes to fill and service your tank before shutting it off, leave the job to an expert. Oil Express is a locally owned and operated company providing discount prices on heating oil and furnace maintenance throughout Dutchess County, NY. Their convenient same-day oil delivery makes it easy to keep your tank stocked. Learn more on their website and call (845) 765-8359 for a quote.

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