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3 Advantages of Eating Ice Cream May 1, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
3 Advantages of Eating Ice Cream, Ewa, Hawaii

You’ve likely enjoyed a delicious ice cream cone or two over the course of your life. However, if you haven’t indulged in this frozen treat recently, it may be time to re-examine your dessert choices. Not only is ice cream a tasty and refreshing snack, but it can also offer potential benefits for your health and happiness.

3 Reasons to Eat More Ice Cream

1. Provide Energy

Ice cream is dense with carbohydrates and fat. Your body needs both to produce energy, and the boost you get from them tends to be more stable than a short-lived dose of caffeine. Stopping by the ice cream shop can help you get energized for your day or pick yourself up during a mid-afternoon slump.

2. Promote Healthy Bones

ice creamIce cream contains phosphorus and calcium, which your bones need to grow strong and healthy. Consuming it regularly can help you potentially avoid certain injuries and health conditions like fractures and osteoporosis over time, and it can help kids grow tall and strong. Additionally, your teeth require the same minerals, so consuming ice cream can help you keep your smile healthy.

3. Improve Your Mood

Enjoying a delicious frozen treat is sure to bring a smile to your face, which makes a notable impact on your mental health. It can stimulate your brain to produce more hormones that contribute to happiness, like dopamine and endorphins. It may also slow down the release of cortisol, which is the hormone that creates feelings of stress.


If you’re interested in reaping all of these ice cream benefits, head to Blue Bubble Creamery in Mililani, HI. The ice cream shop offers a wide array of products, including shakes, bubble tea, and rolled ice cream in a variety of flavors, including favorites like cotton candy and cookies ‘n cream. You can even customize desserts with different size options and toppings. Check out some of the current flavors available on the shop’s website, or call (808) 200-1036 to speak with a member of the team about your dessert options.