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What Are "Virtual" Telecoms Networks? June 14, 2019

New York, New York
What Are "Virtual" Telecoms Networks?, New York, New York

Businesses rely on extensive telecommunications networks to service their daily needs. Physical infrastructure constraints — such as location-based services like cable and fiber optic communications — can cause companies to run into network limitations. To overcome these issues, many companies are moving to virtualized telecommunications networks. Functioning under the same philosophy as cloud services, virtual telecoms networks may be exactly what your business needs as it grows.

A Guide to Network Virtualization

What Is It?

Traditional telecom networks use hard-line infrastructure. This includes modems, antennas, cables, and more. Network virtualization aims to eliminate this by integrating programmable off-the-shelf machines. These virtual AI and telecom services also leverage machine learning capabilities. Companies won’t have to use physical tools to manage or program telecom devices. This is similar to how cloud services can learn and manage themselves in some capacities. It’s important to work with the right telecom solutions provider to determine the right setup and get the best results.

What Are the Advantages?

cloud-servicesThe primary benefit of network virtualization is that businesses aren’t limited by physical equipment. They won’t need to move wires around, install updates, deal with faulty connections, or deal with general infrastructure maintenance. Just as cloud services transcend the need for physical storage, virtualization exists beyond this and can be easily adopted and managed online. This can translate to savings for companies, since they won’t have to pay increasing costs for hardware. As virtual telecommunications network continue to develop, business infrastructures will be primed to adopt the latest innovations and optimizations so they have the best possible telecom system.



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