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How a Deep Cleaning Can Combat Office Illness April 26, 2019

East Oak Hill, Austin
How a Deep Cleaning Can Combat Office Illness, Austin, Texas

The offices in schools, churches, restaurants, and other commercial buildings welcome a steady flow of foot traffic. When visitors talk to receptionists and other personnel, germs can land on surfaces, increasing the risk of sickness spreading. To combat illnesses, reach out to a janitorial services company for help. Trained cleaners will give your space a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning. To emphasize why you should schedule deep cleaning, below is a look at how your team will benefit and what the process involves. 

Why Deep Cleaning Is Necessary in Offices 

Austin-Texas-janitorial-servicesFrom October through late May, flu activity is often at its highest. The influenza virus spreads through moisture droplets released by those infected while coughing, sneezing, and talking. When speaking to people with the virus, office personnel can breathe in the droplets or touch objects they land on. Once someone contracts the illness, they are contagious for about a week or longer. Up to 40.1 million people have gotten sick during the 2018 and 2019 flu season so far. Age, immune system function, and additional factors impact the severity of the illness. However, office cleaning reduces the risk of employees contracting the virus. 

How Janitorial Services Can Help

Droplets with the flu virus can land on any surface or object in your office. During janitorial services, cleaners dust vents, light fixtures, and window treatments to remove germs that became airborne and traveled upward. They also clean and sanitize walls, desks, keyboards, doorknobs, light switches, and anywhere else that droplets may have landed. This way, employees won’t touch infected objects, minimizing the risk of getting sick. Cleaners will also vacuum floors to remove contaminants that could trigger allergy attacks.


For thorough church, restaurant, school, and office cleaning services in central and south Texas, contact the Austin-based team at JK Commercial Cleaning. The management team has over 85 years of experience and provides eco-friendly office cleaning solutions. They can keep your establishment spotless so that employees remain healthy and productive. To schedule janitorial services, call (512) 228-1837. Visit the commercial cleaning company online to learn about their environmentally-friendly approach to cleaning and become a Facebook fan for announcements. 

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