Hilo, Hawaii

3 Roach Control Tips for Your Restaurant April 25, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Roach Control Tips for Your Restaurant, Hilo, Hawaii

Having roaches roaming your restaurant will quickly turn off customers and create the impression that your business isn’t sanitary. That’s why you should take steps for roach control to protect your reputation.

3 Restaurant Roach Control Strategies

1. Eliminate Their Food Sources

Roaches are resilient, but even they can’t survive without a food source, so one way to deter them from your restaurant is by removing any sustenance. In addition to regularly cleaning crumbs and spills in the kitchen and dining area, tightly seal your ingredient reserves in plastic or glass containers to prevent roaches from accessing them. Additionally, repair any leaks in your kitchen or bathrooms to cut off their water supply.

2. Remove Common Hiding Spots

Roach ControlRoaches tend to favor dark and moist places, so check your storerooms and bathrooms for infestations. Don’t leave unused cardboard boxes sitting around your restaurant, and always remove or repair broken equipment to keep roaches from setting up nests inside. If you have pictures hanging in your restaurant, keep roaches from living behind them by sealing every side firmly against the wall with caulk, and regularly clean behind any other decorations adorning your walls.

3. Block Their Entryways

Examine your restaurant’s exterior and interior for potential roach access points. Patch any cracks in the walls, seal your doors and windows, and maintain the foundation of your building. Never prop open doors as well.


Protect your restaurant’s reputation and keep your customers happy by scheduling professional roach control services with Hilo Termite & Pest Control. Serving the entire Big Island of Hawaii for more than 40 years, they provide expert commercial pest control to keep your restaurant free of roaches, termites, and any other pests using safe, environmentally friendly repellents. Schedule an appointment by calling (808) 935-8301 today, or learn more about their services online
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