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3 Industries That Rely on Commercial Garage Doors May 3, 2019

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
3 Industries That Rely on Commercial Garage Doors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When choosing a commercial garage door, you might look for qualities such as durability, curb appeal, or operational speed. Different industries have different requirements, which reflects on the kinds of doors they use. To help you understand which door might work best for your business, here’s a guide to some of the most popular garage doors in the industries that use them.

What Types of Businesses Have Garage Doors?

1. Fire Departments

Garage doors create the iconic look of fire stations. They usually use aluminum glass sectional doors, which run from the ceiling to the floor and provide windows to the interior of your building. They allow in plenty of sunlight, which lets firefighters view the outside even with the doors closed, and require minimal maintenance.

2. Manufacturing or Distribution Plants

garage doorGarage doors on a manufacturing or distribution plant have to be able to handle a high volume of traffic and withstand weather conditions year-round. These facilities usually rely on steel sectional doors, which are highly durable, can be insulated to boost energy-efficiency, and can operate often without breakdowns. High-speed doors are also popular for this kind of business, since they can open and close quickly to maximize productivity and maintain the indoor temperature.

3. Hospitality

Businesses such as hotels, which host hundreds of people every day, have to be prepared for emergencies. They often employ rolling, fire-rated garage doors, which can automatically close to keep flames and smoke contained to one area to limit exposure and allow for easy evacuation.


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