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3 Carpeting Categories That Are Easy to Clean May 6, 2019

South Wedge, Rochester
3 Carpeting Categories That Are Easy to Clean, Rochester, New York

With so many other household maintenance tasks to do, it would be nice to know that some of your home’s features were designed to be low-maintenance. Unfortunately, some of the most sought-after materials, like soft, luxurious carpet, can be difficult to clean. If you’re looking for a flooring type that won’t have you vacuuming daily, enjoy stain protection with the following carpeting types.

3 Low-Maintenance Types of Carpeting

1. Polypropylene Carpets

If you’re worried about spilling on your flooring, aim for carpets made of polypropylene. This material is renowned for its ability to resist stains, especially from primarily water-based solutions, which polypropylene can’t absorb. While it looks similar to its more delicate counterpart, wool, this carpeting material ranks so high in terms of stain protection that it can be used for outdoor mats.

2. Level Height Carpets

stain protectionIf you get down on the floor and look at various types of carpeting up close, you’ll see that some carpets feature fibers of all different heights, creating a high, fluffy, shag-like texture. While they may be comfortable, these erratically cut fibers aren’t easy to clean. Instead, aim for level height or level loop carpets, so your vacuum can suck up dirt equally from all areas. This type of carpeting also makes it harder for dirt, dust, and debris to get lodged between the smooth field of fibers.

3. Dark Carpets

If you’re mostly worried about appearances, your focus should be avoiding the general discoloration of your flooring. While the accumulation of dirt and spill stains is inevitable, darker-hued fibers will do a better job of masking the buildup. It’s still important to clean your dark carpets and patterned rugs regularly to eliminate germs and allergens, but you won’t have to replace a splotchy surface so soon.


No matter what carpeting you invest in, you’ll eventually need to have it cleaned. For professional-grade tools and the skills needed to use them, get in touch with the professionals at Gray's Carpet Cleaning of Rochester, NY. They specialize in providing stain protection and removing odors from carpet fibers, as well as eliminating general discoloration with heavy-duty equipment. For more information on their offerings, visit the website, or call (585) 473-4947 to ask for a free estimate for stain protection services.

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