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The 3 Most Profitable Home Improvements April 29, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
The 3 Most Profitable Home Improvements , Lincoln, Nebraska

As a proud homeowner, you’re willing to put time and money into your property to make it more functional, comfortable, and attractive. However, you also want to know that when it comes time to sell, the new owners will appreciate your hard work and help recoup the costs. Some home remodel efforts are more profitable than others, so use the following list to find the project that is most worth your time and money.

3 Home Improvements That Offer High ROIs

1. Front Door Replacement

The first part of your home to welcome guests, relatives, or school-aged fundraisers is the front door. Why not make the most of their initial impression by replacing your worn-down, outdated, or standard entry door with a brand-new, custom model? In addition to increasing security and energy efficiency with stronger locks, frames, and seals, your stylish front door will garner an impressive return on investment.

2. Wooden Deck Addition

home remodelAfter prospective buyers have toured the inside of your property, there’s nothing to bolster their first impression even more like a finished backyard. By adding a wooden deck to the house, you’ll create an instant outdoor entertainment hub, which can eventually be supplemented with an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a hot tub. Best of all, when you take a chance on this home remodel project, you can recoup nearly 83% of its cost.

3. Minor Kitchen Remodel

With this investment, it’s better to aim for a smaller-scale production. Minor kitchen remodels can earn back 81.1% of their initial costs, and they won’t interrupt your daily routine like major renovations. Consider updating the backsplash with patterned tiles, refurbishing your cabinetry, or replacing the flooring to something more low-maintenance and slip-resistant, like rubber or vinyl. While you won’t have to gut your entire kitchen, prospective buyers will notice the home remodel project and be willing to pay a higher price tag for your property.


Interested in improving the resale value of your home while making it more enjoyable to live in? Get in touch with InsideOut Renovations of Lincoln, NE. They perform front door replacements, kitchen remodeling projects, and deck installations, among other rewarding home remodel projects. To learn more about their services, visit the website. Call (402) 474-0028 today to discuss your needs today.

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