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3 Things You Didn't Know About Bedbugs May 2, 2019

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3 Things You Didn't Know About Bedbugs, Wahiawa, Hawaii

As soon as you see signs of a bedbug infestation in your residence, prompt action is essential to protect your health and home. The more you know about these pests, the more effective your bedbug treatment will be. Here are a few facts you might not find out when reading up on these home invaders.

Unusual Bedbug Facts

1. Their Bites Don’t All Look the Same

It’s possible for two people to sleep in the same bed and only one wakes up with visible marks. It’s likely that both people were bitten; however, not everyone reacts the same way to bedbug bites. Some may exhibit distinct, red bite marks, while others might not display any redness or itching.

2. They Don’t Only Hide in Beds

bedbug treatmentDespite the name, the bed is only one of the places these creatures like to hide. They’re nocturnal and are as flat as a credit card, so they hide in any dark crack during the day. This includes inside furniture and clothes, in cracks in the wall, behind baseboards, in wall outlets, and behind picture frames.

3. They Travel

Bedbugs are notorious for hitching rides in clothing, luggage or secondhand items, like furniture. They may also simply crawl into your home on their own. If you have a neighbor who’s receiving bedbug treatment, have your home inspected so that you can avoid an infestation transfer if any pests flee the chemicals.


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