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4 FAQs About Designing a Memorial April 25, 2019

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4 FAQs About Designing a Memorial, Willimantic, Connecticut

Creating a memorial for a departed loved one can help you celebrate their life and share their achievements with many others for years to come. Dedicating a headstone or marker to the person you love can be cathartic, as you can design a monument that suits their personality and honors their memory. If you have questions about creating a memorial piece, here is a guide to help you understand the process.

What You Should Know About Designing a Memorial

Waterford, CT markerWhat types of memorials are available?

To honor your loved one traditionally, you may choose a classic upright headstone to recognize and commemorate them. If you plan on placing the memorial in a park or another public or private location in your home, you might consider a plaque on a bench. Monument builders can also design different memorials to fit yours or a cemetery’s specific requirements.  

What can you include on the memorial?

There’s rarely any limit to how you can customize the message on a headstone, marker, or monument. You can choose to inscribe the surface with words, an image, artwork, or some combination of the three to best reflect your loved one’s life and values. If the monument will be placed in a public setting or cemetery, check the guidelines of your venue to ensure there aren’t restrictions.

What are the benefits of different materials?

Granite and marble are often used to create custom monuments. The former is renowned for its strength, durability, different color options, and ability to withstand the elements with little wear. Marble, on the other hand, is a softer element known for its luxurious and classic appearance, but can be more prone to chips and scratches.

When is the best time to order the memorial?

There are no rules for when you should create a custom monument, headstone, or marker to celebrate your loved one. Some families wait as long as a year or two to order their memorials as they weigh their options. If you’re having trouble deciding on a type of memorial, your memorial builders can suggest some options.


Providing families with beautiful monuments to honor their loved ones east of the Connecticut River, Tri-County Memorials takes pride in serving the Waterford, CT community since 1973. Their communicative builders focus on creating designs according to your specific wishes to commemorate a life well lived. Visit them online to learn more about their many markers, headstones, and monuments, or call (860) 443-8744 to speak with a helpful representative.

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