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4 Ways to Minimize Pollen in Your Home June 3, 2019

Milford city, New Haven County
4 Ways to Minimize Pollen in Your Home, Milford city, Connecticut

Spring is a difficult time for allergy sufferers. The prevalence of pollen in the air can make it hard to enjoy the season indoors or out. Thankfully, there are several steps that you can take to minimize pollen problems inside your home, from exterior power-washing to improving your indoor air quality. Here are three options to keep in mind.

How to Reduce Pollen in Your House

1. Replacing Your Air Filters

Make sure you’re regularly replacing your HVAC system’s air filter. As months pass and more dirt and debris collect, the filter loses its ability to circulate clean air throughout the house. As a result, many of those allergens simply continue to permeate the air that you breathe, leading to the uncomfortable symptoms that you may experience throughout the season. For best results, replace the filter at least once a month or bimonthly to reduce the odds of indoor pollen.

2. Power-Washing the House

power-washingHiring a power-washing company to give your home a thorough cleanse will also make a big difference, especially if you suffer from year-round allergies. By having your siding, porch, deck, and driveway cleaned, you’ll eliminate much of the pollen sticking to the home. House washing tools are so powerful that they’ll remove even the most stubborn bits of pollen stuck in crevices.

3. Cleaning Your Pets

Dogs and outdoor cats enjoy running around your lawn on a beautiful spring day, but if there’s a high pollen count outside, this spells trouble for your persistent allergies. To reduce the chances of discomfort when your furry friend comes back inside, wipe them down with a slightly damp towel so that there’s little chance they’ll bring pollen into the house. Give them a full bath at least once a month to keep their coat clean. 

4. Closing Doors & Windows

When the sun is shining and there’s a gentle breeze in the air, it’s tempting to open your windows to let in a little fresh air. This can prove problematic for your allergies, however. Keep entryways closed to minimize the risk of pollen infiltrating your home. Rely on your HVAC system and ceiling fans to keep your home atmosphere comfortable instead. 


Dealing with pollen allergies is frustrating. If you live in Fairfield or New Haven County in CT, trust in the experts at The Powerwash Guys to give your home a clean finish. Using state-of-the-art power-washing equipment, they handle everything from allergen removal to roof cleaning. Their goal is to protect your home and improve its appearance, so you’ll enjoy a healthier spring. Visit them online to learn about their house washing services, or call them at (203) 783-0404.

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