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5 Design Tips for Brightening Up a Dark Kitchen June 6, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
5 Design Tips for Brightening Up a Dark Kitchen, Rochester, New York

Does your kitchen seem a bit drab? Perhaps the design elements are monochromatic and outdated, or maybe the room doesn’t receive as much light as you’d like. Luckily, there are some simple ways to update your kitchen design and rectify these issues.

How to Update a Dark Kitchen Design

1. Paint Your Cabinets

Cabinets take up a lot of visual space in most kitchens. If yours are dark or uninspiring, you can give them a fairly inexpensive makeover by painting or refinishing them. White or light wood tones will help you create a more open-feeling space.

2. Add Lighting

If your kitchen doesn’t get a ton of natural light, extra artificial lights can make the space more visually appealing and practical. Have recessed lighting installed or add a large, statement fixture that also serves as a focal point. Additionally, you can remove or change out window treatments to let as much sunlight in as possible.

3. Create Contrast

kitchen designEven if the general colors used in your kitchen design aren’t especially dark, the space can feel a bit dreary if it’s all monochromatic. Instead of opting for the same basic shades throughout, opt for contrast with light cabinets and dark countertops, or dark floors and light walls.

4. Bring in Shiny Accents

Shiny or metallic accents reflect light, which can help the space feel more bright and airy. Add glass tiles to your backsplash or integrate some wall art that has mirrored surfaces. In addition to reflecting light, these elements also provide some variance in texture.

5. Integrate a Bright Accent Color

To complete the space, consider adding some simple decor elements that complement the color scheme of the kitchen. For instance, if you have mostly white and natural wood tones, add variance with a bowl of lemons and some yellow flowers and dishes around your countertops and shelving units.


If you’re looking to update your kitchen design, choose Arrow Kitchens & Bath in Webster, NY. The family-run kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor has more than 50 years of experience working with homeowners throughout the Greater Rochester area. The team is dedicated to delivering quality design plans and backing them up with top-of-the-line materials, from kitchen cabinets to bathroom countertops. To get started on your kitchen design project, call (585) 670-9910 or contact the team online today.

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