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When Not to Take Your RV on a Road Trip May 1, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
When Not to Take Your RV on a Road Trip, Lincoln, Nebraska

Taking an RV out for a road trip is one of the joys of owning that type of vehicle. But some days are statistically more dangerous than others. Here’s a closer look at what times of year to avoid and how to drive safer when you do venture out so you can avoid the need for collision repair

When Are Road Trips Most Dangerous?

As you ponder your next road trip, consider that holidays with long weekends attached, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, represent particular danger. Not only are there many more vehicles on the road, but that extra traffic has a way of creating additional stress, which can impair decision making and lead to aggressive driving. 

It’s also worth avoiding the weekend after Thanksgiving. With so many Black Friday shoppers pursuing deals at brick and mortar stores, there are numerous drivers on the road—drivers with a single mission, who may not be paying attention to anything else.

How Can You Be Safer on the Road in Your RV?

collision repairDriving an RV is a little different than a regular-sized vehicle. Because you’re dealing with a heavier weight and bulkier structure, you need to be extra alert when driving to avoid a visit to the collision repair shop. With such a big vehicle, turns become more challenging tasks, so you should never rush or accelerate when making one. 

When driving on the road in an RV, always give at least three seconds of distance between you and the vehicle up ahead. That bit of extra spacing will give you more time to stop if anything happens—time you’ll need because RVs do not stop as fast as typical cars. Lastly, spend extra time parking, as you will have to rely solely on the mirrors, instead of also looking behind you. If possible, have a passenger act as a spotter. 


If you end up having an accident with your RV, get in touch with the respected collision repair team at Stephenson Truck Repair in Lincoln, NE. Serving the community since 1966, these large vehicle experts specialize in RV repair and will help restore yours after any damage. Available 24 hours a day for emergencies, call (402) 466-8532 to speak to a courteous staff member. Learn more about the family owned and operated collision repair company and their services by visiting their website

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