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A Useful Guide to Mold Growth on the Roof May 15, 2019

Quail Hollow, Charlotte
A Useful Guide to Mold Growth on the Roof, Charlotte, North Carolina

Mold tends to thrive in damp environments. It can develop within the roof after days of heavy spring rains and will wreak havoc on the materials without the proper prevention. The simplest way to avoid the need for a full replacement is to learn to recognize the top signs for mold growth and secure timely roof repairs.

How Can Mold Affect the Condition of a Roof?

Mold can detract from the curb appeal of the home. Dark blotches will appear along the surface of the shingles and leave the roof looking less than ideal. Mold can also affect the air quality within the home. The spores become airborne and filter down into the rooms below, causing respiratory issues and rashes to develop among your loved ones.

roof repairIf you don’t acquire roof repairs quickly, there’s a good chance the mold will jeopardize the condition of the structure. The growth will continue to spread throughout the materials and break them down one by one, leaving the home susceptible to roof leaks and interior water damage.

What Steps Can You Take to Stop This Issue?

The easiest way to determine what your next step should be is to learn how to identify mold growth. Discoloration along the attic ceiling could reveal the presence of a leak and will require immediate roof repairs. Have a roofer perform an inspection and patch it up with new materials to prevent further damage. They might recommend adding a few more vents to increase air circulation and maintain a dry atmosphere.

If you happen to notice dark spots appearing along the exterior edge of the roof, rent a power washer to knock them loose. Cleaning the exterior materials regularly is an effective method for eliminating unwanted growth.


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