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Graphic Design Do's & Don'ts for Business Logos April 25, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
Graphic Design Do's & Don'ts for Business Logos, Brooklyn, New York

Your company’s logo serves as an introduction to your business. Whether it’s on a vehicle wrap or a business card, a memorable image paired with simple messaging will give people a better understanding of your company’s personality and what you have to offer. To create a logo that accomplishes these goals, follow the below graphic design advice. 


Pick a simple color scheme and message. 

You might print the logo in various sizes and display it in multiple formats, so limit the color scheme to two or three hues. The design becomes more intricate the more colors you add, which could make the logo blurry or difficult to read when it’s scaled down. To build brand identity, use colors associated with the business. Similarly, don’t include too much text. 

Find a symbolic and clear image.

Choose an easily recognizable image that has a clear association with your business. Otherwise, you might unintentionally create a disconnect between the brand identity and the actual products and services offered. For example, if you own a high-end shoe store, consider adding a picture of a stiletto in the design.

Ask for professional feedback.

Once you’ve decided on the elements you want to include or have created a mock-up, reach out to a graphic design expert for feedback. Professionals will review your work, determining whether the elements are cohesive and the logo expresses the message you want to convey. They’ll also build upon your idea to make the visuals even more engaging and advise you of your display options. 


Go overboard with fonts. 

graphic designStay away from fonts that are too stylized. Abstract lettering or failure to use negative space could make your logo illegible. Avoid visual clutter by sticking with one or two basic fonts.

Include drop shadows. 

Consider the printing process when deciding what graphic design effects to include. Drop shadows can print incorrectly, making the entire logo appear distorted or darker than intended. Because files with drop shadows are large, there’s also the risk data won’t transfer correctly when sent to print shops. 

Rely on clip art. 

The logo should help your company stand out and build its identity, so don’t use clip art. You don’t have exclusive rights to the artwork, so you’d run the risk of the logo looking generic or too similar to those of your competitors. 


Let the professionals at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY, enhance your brand identity. Voted one of the Best Vehicle Wrap Shops in New York City by Expertise®, the team will create your custom logo designs and print them on car wraps, business cards, and other company advertising and marketing products. Committed to seeing projects through from start to finish, they also provide installation services. To discuss your graphic design needs and learn about the printing process, call (347) 312-5488. Financing is now available, so visit the company website to fill out an application. Follow them on Facebook to see photos of their work. 

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