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4 Tips for Sharing the Road With Inconsiderate Drivers April 17, 2019

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4 Tips for Sharing the Road With Inconsiderate Drivers, Covington, Kentucky

You can’t anticipate how other motorists will behave, which can put you at risk of getting into minor fender benders or life-threatening accidents. Practicing caution each time you get behind the wheel could help you avoid the need for collision repairs or a hospital visit. To remain safe when sharing the road with reckless drivers, here are a few tips.  

4 Ways to Remain Safe Around Negligent Drivers

1. Remain Alert

When driving, never take your eyes off of the road. This way, you can react immediately to other drivers’ actions. When you pay attention to what’s going on around you, you’re less likely to get into an accident when drivers fail to use turn signals, stop short, or run red lights. 

2. Leave Space Between Your Vehicle & the Car Ahead

You should never drive bumper to bumper with a car you’re trailing. If the driver stops suddenly, you won’t have enough time to react, resulting in the need for collision repair. When on the road, slow down to create enough space between your vehicle and the car ahead. As a general rule, there should be at least one car length of space when driving at slow speeds; add more space when driving at higher speeds, as it will add to your response time. 

3. Follow Traffic Laws

collision repairTraffic laws are in place to keep motorists and pedestrians safe, so remember to abide by the rules. This includes coming to a complete stop at traffic lights and stop signs, following right-of-way procedures, and slowing down in school zones. Your state’s transportation authority should have resources to refamiliarize yourself with local traffic laws. 

4. Avoid Road Rage

Tempers can flare quickly when people are driving, so try to keep your cool on the road. Speeding, constant braking, and other defensive driving habits increase the risk of a collision or altercation. The strain placed on your vehicle can also cause premature wear to components, which increases the likelihood of a breakdown. 


Even when following the above advice, accidents are sometimes unavoidable. For frame straightening, car painting, and additional collision repair services and auto body work, contact the team at Crone's Auto Body in Covington, KY. In business since 1949, you can trust the team at this family-run company to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. They will also provide tips to maintain the like-new appearance of your ride. For collision repairs in Kenton County, call (859) 356-1800. Visit the body shop online to learn about how the technicians approach each project.

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