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3 Plumbing Issues Home Inspectors Look For April 24, 2019

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3 Plumbing Issues Home Inspectors Look For, Huntington, New York

Before buying or selling a house, reach out to a home inspector to examine the property. By knowing the condition of the building, you’ll know what improvements will boost its market value. As a potential buyer, you can request repairs to be made before finalizing the sale. Evaluating the condition of the plumbing system is a major point on a home inspector’s checklist. For a better understanding of the process, below are a few plumbing red flags inspectors look for. 

Plumbing Concerns Home Inspectors Unearth

1. Damaged Pipes

Cracked and corroded water pipes compromise the quality of the entire plumbing system. Certified home inspectors will examine the condition of the fixtures, noting any problems. In historic homes, they might also recommend replacing outdated pipes to bring the property up to code. For example, galvanized pipes should be removed, as they contain lead and other materials that can contaminate the water.  

2. Broken Toilet Seals

home inspectorsLeaking plumbing fixtures can cause mold growth, structural damage, and high water bills. During the walk-through, home inspectors will look for moisture around toilets. If the wax seals are broken, water can seep out of the fixtures and saturate the floor. An inspector will include a note that the seals need to be replaced in their report.  

3. Drainage Problems

The home inspector will run all fixtures and appliances in the home for proper drainage. They will inspect all of the the visible drain lines for excessive corrosion and leaks at all fittings and joints. Based on the age of the structure the inspector will advise you on proper maintenance to prevent future problems in your drainage system. 


If you need a property condition assessment before selling or putting an offer on a house, reach out to the home inspectors at New Home Inspectors in Huntington Station, NY, for help. The professionals boast three decades of construction experience and are Certified Professional Inspector® members, which means they will provide a thorough evaluation of the home and advice on how to fix any issues detected. To schedule a certified home inspection in Suffolk or Nassau counties, call (631) 368-1800. Visit the team online to learn more about their credentials.

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