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3 Challenges CNAs Face & How to Manage Them September 22, 2019

Wakefield, Bronx
3 Challenges CNAs Face & How to Manage Them, Bronx, New York

When exploring careers in health care, you may decide to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). This position is an excellent ground floor opportunity to observe the industry, hone your skills, and better understand patient care. As you embark on this exciting career path, here’s a list of challenges you could encounter and how to thrive in your position. 

How to Overcome Common Challenges as a CNA

1. Physical Demand

Depending on the patient and the facility you work in, you may be called on to help immobile patients sit up, walk around, or get to the washroom. This type of patient care can be physically demanding. To avoid injury, always wear comfortable, supportive shoes, and embrace healthy lifting techniques using your legs as opposed to your back. Exercising outside of work and stretching before shifts can also keep your muscles limber and strong. 

2. Difficult Patients

EveCNAry CNA, nurse, and physician will have to deal with a difficult patient on occasion. While temperamental patients can be a struggle, do your best to practice a friendly bedside manner and empathy while completing necessary tasks. And if the patient crosses the line, speak up and let them know. Over time, you’ll establish trust and a rapport that will make treating these individuals easier. 

3. Wide Range of Responsibilities

As a certified nurse assistant, patients and your team of fellow health care providers will depend on you for a variety of tasks, from checking vital signs to monitoring food intake and paying attention to patient moods. Managing all these duties makes each day interesting and provides on-going learning experiences, but it can verge on overwhelming. Staying organized, tracking your to-do list, and remaining calm will help you keep patients healthy and maintain job satisfaction. 


If you’re based in the greater White Plains or Bronx, NY, area, and you’re interested in becoming a CNA or another health care professional, such as an EKG technician, call Big Apple Training. With over 20 years of experience, these Allied Health education experts provide quality, effective training that will prepare you for your future position. Call (914) 437-7373 to discuss enrollment and visit their website for more information on their current class schedule. 

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