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How to Add Natural Light to Your Home Interior April 24, 2019

Ossining, Westchester
How to Add Natural Light to Your Home Interior, Ossining, New York

Natural light transforms the entire vibe and aesthetic appeal of a room. Yet, many homeowners are limited by the original window placement of their structure. Adding more windows is a costly, painstaking process, but thankfully, there are a few simple tricks to brightening a room without breaking the bank. From decor selection to interior painting, follow these three tips to maximize your home's light levels.

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home's Natural Light Levels

1. Add Reflective Decor

The key to creating the appearance of more light is adding reflective surfaces. Tables, pillows, and light fixtures with metallic or glossy finishes help bounce sun rays around the room. You can amplify this concept further by adding mirrors on walls without windows. Such elements enhance the design scheme while creating the illusion of a larger, more brightly lit area.

2. Lighten Wall Color

interior paintingLighter wall colors not only help make a space feel bigger, but they also boost reflectivity. When updating your interior painting, consider white or light gray to maximize luminosity. If you prefer a pop of color, opt for whole-room pastel shades or concentrate a more vibrant color on one wall or section of wall. Additionally, finish carpentry touches, like white wainscotting, help create light balance in rooms with dark walls.

3. Allow Light In

To ensure the effectiveness of your interior painting and decor choices, let in the greatest amount of natural light possible. Avoid blackout curtains, and instead, opt for soft window dressings in light colors and prints. It's also vital to clean both the inside and outside of windows to eliminate grime, along with trimming foliage to prevent it from blocking light.


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