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4 Popular Modern Kitchen Design Features for 2019 April 16, 2019

Brooklyn, New York City, NY
4 Popular Modern Kitchen Design Features for 2019, Brooklyn, New York

As the year’s most coveted modern kitchen design elements continue to emerge, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the trend toward sleek yet open spaces isn’t going anywhere. To facilitate meal prep and entertainment, homeowners continue to be drawn to plenty of counter space, among other unique features. Discover how to maximize the space you have and stay in line with contemporary designs with the following kitchen trends.

4 of the Year’s Top Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 

1. Glass Shelving

Glass shelves are a sophisticated alternative to bulky-looking wood. They wipe down easily and create the illusion of a larger space because they let light in. Anyone seeking a more luxurious feel for their kitchen will prefer these over unfinished wooden shelves.

2. Single-Level Islands

Multidimensional islands may have their purposes, but single-level units are sought after for their unique benefits. They don’t block light, which creates the appearance of a larger, open space, and they increase surface space for prep work or serving. With a single level, they also create an unobstructed seating area for dining or entertaining.

3. Induction Cooking

Beloved by food bloggers and kitchen design experts alike, induction cooktops are easy to use and safe. These modern burners utilize less heat but warm up quickly, acting as a functional tool for preparing meals in even the smallest kitchens. And because of their sleek look, they’re aesthetically pleasing and will complement virtually any surface, including islands and countertops.

4. Undercounter Appliances

modern kitchen designA major trend developing recently is the shift toward under-the-counter appliances. Microwaves, toasters, and similar small appliances can take up a great deal of space; placing these beneath the counter keeps them out of sight while freeing up extra space for cooking activities. Pursuing this scheme requires some extra planning in terms of space and electrical wiring, so work with an experienced design team on this project.


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