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3 Tips for Buying Hiking Shoes for Kids April 24, 2019

Enterprise, Clark
3 Tips for Buying Hiking Shoes for Kids, Enterprise, Nevada

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love to hike, then you may look forward to bringing your kids on your adventures. Along with spending quality time together, this also gives them a chance to get regular fresh air and take in the beautiful surroundings. But before they put their feet on the ground, make sure they’re equipped with comfortable hiking footwear. Whether you’re searching for big kid or toddler shoes, keep these tips in mind.

How to Buy Hiking Shoes for Kids

1. Select a Lightweight Pair

A great pair of sturdy, lightweight shoes is crucial for anyone who goes hiking. Since it’s an activity featuring plenty of frequent movement, you want to seek out child or toddler shoes that won’t aggravate or irritate their feet while in motion. The heavier the shoe, the more tired your little one is likely to feel over time. Selecting a lighter shoe allows your child to focus on their surroundings instead of how heavy and tired their legs feel.

Henderson, NV toddler shoes2. Try Them on First

Although it’s tempting to snag infant footwear and toddler shoes simply because they’re inexpensive, it’s always best to have your little one try them on first. Make sure that they aren’t too snug or too loose, and have your child walk around in them for a while. This can give both of you a sense of whether the shoe is comfortable or not.

3. Determine if Laces Are Necessary

Not every child can comfortably wear laces. To a large extent, it depends on the age of the child. If you’re shopping for toddler shoes, for example, you might look for VELCRO® straps or bungee laces so that you can easily put them on for them without much fuss. You also won’t have to worry about them tripping on their laces during the hike. But if you’re shopping for an older child, weigh the options. If they wear shoes with laces during gym class, then they will likely be comfortable in a similar pair for hiking.


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