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Do’s & Don’ts of Electrical Safety April 29, 2019

Normal, Ashland
Do’s & Don’ts of Electrical Safety, Ashland, Kentucky

The electrical currents running through your house carry an immense amount of energy. When safely contained in a circuit, they power your life; when open, they can cause fires and fatal shocks. For everyone’s safety, regularly practice at-home electrical precautions. Sticking to the following basics and working with an electrician will ensure you and your system stay safe.


Turn appliances off when you leave. 

Turning off appliances when you leave isn’t solely for saving energy. When they’re active, there’s an electric current running in your home. If there’s an issue with the wiring or a connection, it could lead to a fire. Always turn appliances off and check their power cables regularly for signs of wear or damage.

Use extension cords temporarily.

electricianExtension cords are a helpful tool, but not a long-term solution. They can become damaged easily, overloaded, or lead to shocks and fires. If you need additional outlets in your home, speak with an electrician about wiring new installations. 


Mix water and electricity.

Electricity and water do not mix. When a current hits water, the conductivity between the two can lead to fatal shocks. Never use any electrical appliances near standing water. Likewise, if a leak has come near an electrical source, stay away. Only an electrician should handle the issue.

Remove the grounding prong on plugs.

It’s frustrating when you’re stuck with a three-pronged cable and a two-pronged outlet. While it may be tempting, never remove the lower grounding prong. This prong creates a grounding connection with the circuit to prevent electrical damage. When you remove or tamper with it, you open the door for shocks and other serious issues.


Since 1994, Mueller Electric has served residents of Ashland, KY. They know how important your home electrical system is and will take every measure to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely. They focus on building lasting relationships with their residential and commercial customers, so call (606) 325-0275 to schedule an electrician. You can learn more about their electric repair and electrical installation services on their website.

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