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3 Steps to Prepare Your MacBook® for Trade-In May 20, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Steps to Prepare Your MacBook® for Trade-In, St. Petersburg, Florida

From bank account passwords to family photos, you have all sorts of private data stored on your MacBook®. If you plan to trade in the laptop, you’ll need to wipe the system clean first. Taking the following steps will ensure you don’t lose important information or run the risk of it falling into the wrong hands. 

What Should You Do Before Trading In Your MacBook?

1. Back Up Files

Saint-Petersburg-Florida-MacBookBefore you start deleting files, make sure to back up the data. You can transfer media files and documents to iCloud® or an external hard drive. If you use an external storage device, an alert might appear asking whether you want to use equipment with the Time Machine® feature. Select the “Encrypt Backup Disk” prompt to prevent problems when transferring the files.  

2. Deauthorize Programs

Before you part with the MacBook, open iTunes®, sign in, and go to your account page. Click on the “Authorizations” tab, and then select the prompt to deauthorize the machine. This will block others from accessing music and any other content you purchased on the device through the iTunes, iBooks®, or App Store®

3. Delete the Hard Drive

Erasing the hard drive will ensure no personal information remains on the machine. After you turn off the device, press down the power button, followed by the “command” and “R” keys. The Apple® logo should appear, and you should see the OS X Utilities tab. From the drop-down list, click the “Disk Utility” prompt. From the list of disks to erase, select the hard drive. In the security options, choose the highest level of data erasing available. After you wipe clean the internal hard drive, return the laptop to factory settings by reinstalling macOS®


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