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What to Do While Waiting for Car Towing Services April 22, 2019

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What to Do While Waiting for Car Towing Services, St. Louis, Missouri

Whether it’s because of an accident, a flat tire, or an overheated engine, almost every driver will need car towing services at some point. But there’s more to roadside assistance than calling for a tow truck. To stay safe while you wait, here are a few steps you should take — as well as a few that you shouldn’t.


Get away from moving traffic.

If possible, pull over to the shoulder of the road or onto a quiet side street. The farther you are from other moving vehicles, the less likely you are to get hit. This will also make it easier and safer for the tow truck to pick you up.

Turn on your hazard towing

Let other drivers know something is wrong with your car by turning on the hazard lights. Activate the flashers by pressing the button featuring concentric red triangles. If it is safe to do so and you have some in your trunk, also set up road flares or reflective triangles around your vehicle.


Get out of your car on a busy road.

If your car is stuck along a busy road, the safest option is to stay inside the vehicle. Getting out on a busy roadway increases your risk of getting struck by a passing car. If you must get out, stand behind nearby guardrails.

Leave with an unidentified tow truck.

Only leave the scene with a truck from the car towing company you called. Don’t accept help from an unidentified truck or accept rides from strangers. Some people prey on those in vulnerable situations; waiting for your requested truck will keep you safe.


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