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Who Do You Need to Contact When Moving? April 23, 2019

Westridge, Sedalia
Who Do You Need to Contact When Moving?, Sedalia, Colorado

Moving to a new address is exciting and challenging. The stress of transferring all of your belongings is enough to cause you to forget notifying vital companies that you're leaving. Unfortunately, this oversight can cause trouble later on. Here's a quick rundown of who you need to inform when changing homes.

3 Groups You Need to Contact When Moving

1. Utility Companies

Notify the gas and electric company as soon as you know the new address. You don't want to be without power or heat when you move. Arrange for these services to be shut off from your current home at the end of the last day. Likewise, request for services at your new address to be activated either the night before or the morning of the move-in date. Don't forget to file for a transfer of service if you plan on using the same phone or internet provider in the new home. However, you still need to notify them even if you're changing providers, so you won't be billed for services after the move.

2. Government Organizations

movingIt's also crucial that you inform the relevant government agencies of your pending address change. The IRS and the Social Security Administration (SSA) send correspondence containing sensitive information via direct mail, so you’ll want to make sure they go to the new home. You can file for a change of address with the postal service, IRS, or SSA online, over the phone, in person, or by mail.

3. Insurance Provider

Don't forget to inform your insurance providers that you're moving. Doing so will ensure that any documents sent by your health or car insurance company will reach you and that you won't encounter problems when you have to file a claim. If you have homeowners insurance, you might need to update the policy to fit the new space.


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