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Second Opinions in Dentistry April 14, 2019

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Second Opinions in Dentistry , Clearwater, Florida

Second Opinions 

Back in the good ole days, we made choices that we would not make today.  In dentistry more people lost their teeth because that is just what you did.  You didn’t do what you would choose today.  The dentist, the methods, the materials, the expectancy did not exist to everyone.  The consequences, socio economic and health were just not as apparent then as today.  We are still learning.  You know the more I learn, the more I need to learn. 

Discussions involving the human microorganism's good, bad, and other, that literally share our body.  The face and nature of disease – all diseases is evolving and being understood faster and faster than ever before.  It is no wonder we have different opinions.  Some people stop learning and stick to what they we’re told.  Others embrace new science.  Again it is all a choice and the responsibility that choice commands.  Ultimately each of us must take responsibility for our choices which come from what we avail to ourselves.  

If you are my patient today – Do not necessarily expect the same suggestion or therapy 2 years from now for the same problem.  I will learn new science, applying new therapy for old health issues.  

There are many different options in dental care today and every proceeder is no longer cookie cutter.  Second opinions can help you make sure you make the right decision about your dental care.  Researching is vital and much easier than “The good ole days”.  Looking up the dentist and practice online, checking out their website, social media, reviews and testimonials is so much easier than “The good ole days”.

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