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4 FAQ About Packing & Moving Artwork April 22, 2019

Central Business District, Cincinnati
4 FAQ About Packing & Moving Artwork, Cincinnati, Ohio

Preparing for a move can be a stressful process, especially when it comes to packing fragile or irreplaceable items. If you collect art or have a lot of framed photos, make sure you have the proper moving supplies and understand how to handle these treasures with care. Here are a few frequently asked questions about packing and moving artwork.

Common Questions About Packing & Moving Artwork

What supplies do I need?

To keep precious items from getting jostled in transit, find sturdy boxes that are just slightly larger than the pieces you’re packing. Bubble wrap can cushion fragile materials such as glass and porcelain, and packing paper is the ideal way to fill in any empty space in the box.  Have a permanent marker and plenty of packing tape. Other helpful moving supplies include blue painter’s tape and cardboard corners, tubes, and sheets.

What packing materials are not appropriate?

Cincinnati moving suppliesNever use newspaper to wrap or cushion your irreplaceable items, as the ink can transfer to your belongings and cause permanent stains. Newspaper, along with parchment and wax paper, can also scratch, pit, and etch glass. Avoid using packing peanuts because they often break down into tiny pieces that are difficult to remove from crevices, and the ones made from corn or potato starch can turn to glue if they happen to get wet.

What’s the best way to pack artwork?

Protect the corners of frames with cardboard corners, and if the art has glass over it, mark the glass with an “X” of blue painter’s tape and place an extra layer of cardboard over it. Roll up unframed canvases, prints, and photographs in cardboard tubes, and wrap breakables in thick layers of bubble wrap. Fill empty spaces in boxes with packing paper, and then seal the boxes at all seams with packing tape. Clearly label boxes of artwork as “FRAGILE” so the movers know to handle these items with extra care.

What are the advantages of using a moving and storage company?

A company that specializes in moving and storage has all the moving supplies you need to pack your treasures safely. Some moving companies offer white glove services that take care of every step from packing to artwork installation, offering you total peace of mind. If you find that you don’t have enough room in your new space for all of your artwork, many storage companies provide climate-controlled areas where you can keep your belongings until you’re ready for them.


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