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3 Popular Educational Apps for Kids May 10, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Popular Educational Apps for Kids, St. Petersburg, Florida

As much as some unplugged time is necessary for many children, your little ones have plenty of opportunities to expand their minds while using an Apple® product. In fact, the App Store® offers a wide variety of games and learning programs that can be played from anywhere on a used iPhone® or iPad®. To expose your child to a well-rounded selection of educational apps, download the following popular options today. 

3 Educational Apps Kids Can Play on Used iPhone Devices

1. Duolingo

Whether you live in a multilingual home or are trying to foster a future world traveler, Duolingo is an excellent way to start teaching your child a new language. Your little one can pick from Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese, or you can broaden their horizons with a combination. Whatever path you choose, your child will be entertained by the quick, kid-friendly lessons, which feature colorful images, as well as speaking and listening exercises. Best of all, this language learning app is free.

2. Quick Maths

used iphoneAimed at children between the ages of 6 through 12, this arithmetic app can be played on a used iPhone or iPad. Quick Maths focuses on improving mental math skills—those that don’t need to be worked out on a piece of paper. By improving their ability to memorize addition and subtraction equations, your child can get a leg up in school and on their daily math homework. 

3. Spelling Stage

Taking the excitement of the live spelling bee to your child’s device, Spelling Stage allows kids 4 and older to master their knack for letters. Players can create their own character, compete in competitions, and even earn points to customize their virtual wardrobe. With this app, your child will associate this tough academic skill with having fun, whether they’re just learning to read or aiming for national contests.


A quick look at the Apple App Store reveals countless other kid-friendly games and programs, and it can be hard to know which makes sense for your little one. Luckily, the tech-savvy team at Experimax St. Petersburg in Pinellas County, FL, will be happy to help you navigate this online shop. If your child’s used iPhone or iPad breaks, they can also offer fast and meticulous repairs or point you to a refurbished model for sale. To learn more about their services, visit their website, or call (727) 289-3367 to speak with a friendly team member.