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4 FAQ About Being a Plumber May 1, 2019

Long Island City, Queens
4 FAQ About Being a Plumber, Queens, New York

Are you thinking about a career in the plumbing industry? If you’re interested in learning the ropes, it might be time to consider joining a trade school program dedicated to the craft. Before you begin your adult education course, take some time to go over a few frequently asked questions about the trade.

What You Should Know About Being a Plumber

What types of skills are necessary to become a plumber?

The basic layout of a plumbing system is fairly complex. It requires a general level of technical understanding, along with physical strength, dexterity, and concentration skills. The job may call for plenty of time spent in dark, confined areas that are tricky to navigate. Proper hand-eye coordination is a must, as is the ability to read and follow sometimes difficult instructions. Students in trade school programs will learn how to apply various principles of math and science to the job.

What training is necessary to learn the trade?

Long Island City, NY plumbingTechnical trade schools offer comprehensive plumbing programs that provide them with in-depth information about both commercial and residential systems. Upon graduation, students may work as apprentices under a licensed master plumber’s supervision. After completing at least five years of apprenticeship, they can register to become licensed plumbers in New York.

What types of responsibilities are involved?

A plumber’s day can be unpredictable. They may visit a home or business and perform basic maintenance to make sure the plumbing system is working efficiently. If they work for a company that operates 24 hours a day, they may be called to handle an emergency in the middle of the night. They may install new plumbing systems from scratch, either in new homes or for remodeling projects. They also work on simpler tasks, such as resolving clogged drains and repairing toilets.

What is the outlook for the plumbing industry?

There’s a great demand for plumbers. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the industry is anticipated to grow by 16% between 2016 and 2026. Since many working plumbers will retire during this period, the need will continue to grow.


Are you ready to pursue a new career? Consider an adult education at Berk Trade and Business School in Long Island City, NY. The esteemed technical institute offers a comprehensive trade school program devoted to plumbing taught by leaders in the field. They can assist you in developing the skills needed to become a successful professional. Visit them online to learn about their program, or call them at (718) 729-0909.

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