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Why Sump Pump Maintenance Is So Important April 22, 2019

Chili, Monroe
Why Sump Pump Maintenance Is So Important, Chili, New York

Sump pumps are part of drainage systems that direct groundwater away from a home’s foundation, preventing indoor flooding and foundation damage. Like all mechanical devices, sump pumps require routine service and can fail without it. One of the best ways to avoid sump pump repairs is through regular maintenance. 

The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Prevents Costly Damage

Groundwater rises during the spring, thanks to melting snow, rain showers and storms. As a result, manufacturers recommend that you have your sump pump inspected and serviced in early spring to decrease the chance of requiring sump pump repairs later in the year. The risk of high levels of groundwater depends on your location and the weather, so inspections might be needed more than once a year. When a sump pump fails, basements can flood, or standing water can gather around the foundation of your home. Water extraction companies will be needed to remove the water, and you might need to install new flooring, walls, and ceilings to prevent mold damage and decay. 

Professional Expertise Protects Your System

sump-pump-repairsSump pump repairs are often needed when homeowners fail to have them serviced every year, but they can also fail because of improper installation, mechanical and electrical problems, clogged lines, and poor sizing. An experienced sump pump repair specialist can check your device and drainage system to make sure it is the correct size, properly installed, and all of its parts are functioning correctly. They will also remove any debris from the sump pump and replace the backup battery as needed. 



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