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5 Signs You Need to Remodel Your Restaurant’s Kitchen May 8, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Signs You Need to Remodel Your Restaurant’s Kitchen, Brooklyn, New York

As the beating heart of any restaurant, kitchens must be kept in top condition at all times. But even with proper care, custom kitchens will eventually need to be updated to meet the demands of your establishment. So when is the best time for a remodel? To help ensure that your cooking space is in top shape, here are the signs it’s time to hire a skilled contractor to remodel your commercial kitchen.  

5 Clues It’s Time to Update Your Restaurant’s Custom Kitchen

1. Wear & Tear

Whether due to age or frequent use, expect most of the appliances and tools in your restaurant kitchen to suffer wear and tear. If the space suffers from noticeable deterioration, is moldy, or requires frequent repairs, it may be time to strip out the old equipment and install updated solutions.  

2. Crowded Workspace

As restaurants become more popular over the years, they will often outgrow the capabilities of their custom kitchen. Fortunately, if you’re not ready to relocate, there are several ways you can remodel the space to fit your current demands. For example, contractors can install ergonomic storage solutions to help keep clutter out of the way. They might also add strategically designed countertops to ensure your back-of-house-operations can move along smoothly. 

3. Complicated Cleaning

custom kitchensEven when your team follows a strict cleaning schedule, some features can become tough to tidy up—such as worn-out linoleum tiles or stained grout lines. Rather than having to work extra hard to keep your kitchen looking fresh, have these materials taken out and replaced with easy-clean surfaces like stainless steel and vinyl, ceramic, epoxy, or sealed concrete flooring.

4. Expensive Energy Bills

Running a restaurant will always require a considerable amount of power, but if your energy bills have been steadily increasing, it’s time for an upgrade. To cut your future energy costs, you can have more efficient appliances installed, improve insulation, and refine ventilation systems.

5. Frequent Accidents

In a busy establishment, a few minor accidents are bound to happen every so often. However, if your staff is frequently running into accidents—such as slips, spills, and fires—you’ll want to design a safer workspace. Some common remodeling solutions for restaurant safety include installation of anti-slip mats, an improved kitchen layout, and enhanced lighting.


If your restaurant needs a makeover, Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions of Brooklyn, NY, is here to help. Specializing in custom kitchen design and food truck repair, this team is prized for providing state-of-the-art resources to improve workplace productivity, safety, and food quality. With a high focus on client satisfaction, these experts will work with you to ensure your new kitchen fits your current needs—and can allow for comfortable growth in the future. Their expansive service area also includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. To learn more about their standard and mobile kitchen products and services, visit these specialists online. For design and remodeling support, call (800) 253-4815.

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