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What to Do When You Need Food Truck Repairs April 26, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
What to Do When You Need Food Truck Repairs, Brooklyn, New York

Food trucks consist of a variety of mechanical devices, from the engine to commercial refrigerators and stoves, all of which may malfunction. When you suddenly need food truck repairs, know what to do to get the rig back in business again. Here are three steps to follow to restore your vehicle and return to the route as soon as possible.

3 Tips for When You Need Food Truck Repairs

1. Alert Your Customers

Many mobile kitchens rely on social media to let customers know where they are and when they’ll be open. Use these platforms to alert everyone you’re down for the day and promise to come back better than ever as soon as possible. This way, you’ll prevent disappointing people who wait at the usual spot only to find you don’t show.

2. Find a Reputable Food Truck Repair Companyfood truck repairs

When searching for a repair company, find one that offers timely, top-notch technicians. Look for a business that has experience installing and maintaining mobile restaurants. They’ll have ample knowledge of the inner workings of your kitchen and vehicle to quickly diagnose and address the problem.

3. Perform Regular Preventative Maintenance

After getting food truck repairs, try to keep your vehicle in top condition. Limit costly fixes by keeping kitchen appliances clean, checking grill connections, using the appropriate generators, maintaining engine fluids, checking your battery often, and properly inflating your tires. Schedule regular maintenance with mobile kitchen experts to prevent future breakdowns.


If you’re looking for efficient, reliable food truck repairs, contact Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions in Brooklyn, NY. Their talented technicians design, install, and inspect mobile kitchens and have been in business for over 40 years. They serve Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey, Maryland, and North Carolina, so visit their website for information on their top-of-the-line services and call (800) 253-4815 to see what they can do for you.

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