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3 Commercial Security System Must-Haves April 19, 2019

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3 Commercial Security System Must-Haves, Tacoma, Washington

When you run a business, you need to set up commercial security system safeguards to protect your employees and inventory. Just having a lock on the door is not sufficient. Here are some more sophisticated methods of securing your building and offices. 

3 Vital Components of a Commercial Security System

1. Cameras

When there are security cameras on the property, your staff will instantly become aware of any loitering or suspicious characters considering a break-in. They’re extremely valuable during off-hours when many thefts occur. Even if no one is at the office or store, the cameras will still be on high alert. If you suffer a break-in, footage from the cameras will provide valuable information to law enforcement about the perpetrators. 

2. Smart Sensors

commercial security systemSensors are a new and powerful way to track unwanted movements. Offering an additional layer of defense to the cameras, they can sound the alarm as soon as there’s movement or a breach within your property. You can even program a sensor to alert the police as soon as it goes off. They can also work in tandem with the cameras, causing one to pivot and investigate what the movement is. Meanwhile, you or a staff member can watch the footage through a smartphone or computer. 

3. Control Panel

It isn’t feasible to individually track all of your security cameras and sensors, which is why a control panel is a crucial part of a commercial security system. At any time, a staff member can monitor the perimeter of your property, checking in on any concerns, and even controlling a camera remotely to get a better look. The centralization means that you can have eyes on every part of your property. 


When you’re trying to beef up your commercial security system, don’t hesitate to contact an expert like Robblee's Total Security in Tacoma, WA. Serving the community since 1918, the company offers everything from security cameras to access control systems. They’re available 24 hours a day to repair malfunctioning units in an emergency. To set up a consultation about your security needs, just call (253) 627-5448. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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