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Four Tips for Backing Up and Parking an RV April 24, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Four Tips for Backing Up and Parking an RV, Lincoln, Nebraska

Because of its size and the limits on visibility, driving an RV or a vehicle with a camping trailer can be a unique challenge. This is especially true when you need to fit into a parking space or back out of a driveway. To help you avoid the need for RV repairs, follow these tips for maneuvering safely.

How to Get an RV In or Out of a Parking Space

1. Rely on Your Mirrors

In a car, the mirrors are a supplemental tool because drivers can also turn around and look behind them. In an RV, this isn't possible. Practice relying on your mirrors, and get a sense for where the RV’s blind spots are.

2. Stop When You Can't See

Unless you have someone to spot for you, only back up toward areas you can see in the mirrors. Once you lose sight of the boundary you're aiming for, stop. Get out of the vehicle to judge the remaining space. While it may be inconvenient, it is less so than RV repairs.

RV repair3. Pull Forward

On the other hand, if you're pulling forward into a space, keep going as far as you can—further than you think is necessary. RVs are long and it's easy to end up with the rear of the vehicle sticking out into traffic.

4. Avoid a Tight Squeeze

Never pull into an area you might have difficulty getting out of again, such as narrow alleys and driveways or tight spaces between cars. It's better to find an alternate parking area that is farther away than to risk needing RV repair for scrapes and dents.


If you need RV repairs, visit Stephenson Truck Repair in Lincoln, NE. Their experienced technicians have been serving the Lincoln area since 1966, offering trustworthy body and mechanical repair for trucks, recreational vehicles, buses, trailers, and other vehicles. To schedule an appointment with this family-owned business, call (402) 466-8532. Learn more about their services online.

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