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3 Tips to Organize a Quick Move April 19, 2019

Foley, Baldwin
3 Tips to Organize a Quick Move, Foley, Alabama

Moving isn’t always the smooth process that provides you with all the time that you need to organize and prepare for the transition. If you’re in a hurry to move, there are several steps that you can take to minimize the stress. From organizing your belongings to contacting a moving service, here’s how to tackle the process.

How to Organize a Quick Move

1. Make a Detailed Plan

moving serviceRemaining organized through the chaos of a last-minute move is the key to a successful transition. The key is to establish a comprehensive to-do list that outlines everything you need to do. Go from room to room and, at a glance, determine what you want to keep and what to throw out or sell. Hire a qualified moving service, and enlist the help of friends and family who can take items to donation centers or take care of small tasks that you don’t have time to manage.

2. Trust Your Moving Company

Working with an experienced moving service is the key to organizing a quick move. Do some quick research to find full-service professional movers who provide more than just transportation service. Ideally, your team should also be experienced furniture movers who can easily transport large pieces and clear out your home quickly and efficiently. Look for companies that offer packing services, too; they can handle much of the heavy lifting to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

3. Pack a Bag of Essentials

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and accidentally pack something that you need with the items you don’t plan to unpack for a while. That can create even more stress, so take the time to create a separate bag that contains all of the everyday essentials you and your family require. Think of important items, such as medications, toiletries, electronic devices, chargers, and clothes. You’ll be grateful for this bag when you arrive at your new home and just want to relax!


Homeowners throughout Foley, AL, trust the professional movers at Sam Hollis & Sons Moving & Storage. The company takes pride in assisting you with every facet of your move, including packing and coordination. You can trust the moving service to carefully and meticulously handle more delicate items, like pianos and furniture. Visit them online to find out how they can help you, or call (251) 943-6021.

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