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3 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Electronic Devices May 1, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Electronic Devices, St. Petersburg, Florida

In today’s world, electronic devices are a hallmark of daily life. Whether it’s an iPhone® or a MacBook®, they’re used around-the-clock. This fact is even true for kids. Many school projects involve digital interactivity or some online research. If you’re a parent, you might be wondering what you can to do to optimize the time they’re spending on a tablet, laptop, or phone. Although every situation is unique, the following tips have proved useful in teaching children what it means to use electronics in a balanced and sensible manner.

How to Teach Your Kids Proper Electronic Device Usage

1. Stick With Educational Apps & Websites

In the beginning, choose content specifically designed for education. Thankfully, there are many options, such as Duolingo for learning a language or Quick Maths for teaching them mathematics. To prevent any other apps from being downloaded, use a strong password and set up parental controls. If you’re using Apple® products, parental control is available across the board; on an iPhone or iPad®, it’s available under “Settings,” whereas on a MacBook or iMac®, you’ll need to go to “System Preferences.”

2. Establish a Schedule

macbookWhen you hand your child a device, set up a time limit and stick with it. For kids younger than 5, don’t go over an hour. If you have an Apple mobile device, you can set up time limits for different apps to ensure they won’t go over by going to “Settings,” “Screen Time,” and “Content & Privacy Restrictions.” To avoid a potential tantrum and make the transition easier, follow this up with something interactive. You can either play with them, do another nondigital activity like reading a book, or take a quick walk together. Alternatively, you can also schedule their screen time right before a meal.

3. Teach by Example

When you’re in the same room as your children, model the behavior you expect from them regarding electronic use. If you want them to balance their screen time with play, schoolwork, and rest, you’ll also need to disconnect from your digital devices.  You don't have to be restrictive about this; there's no need to hide your MacBook or iPad in a locked drawer for an hour. Just be mindful of how much time you’re spending on your computer or phone.


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