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Does Your Foundation Need Steel or Concrete Piers? April 26, 2019

Auburndale, Pond Creek
Does Your Foundation Need Steel or Concrete Piers? , Pond Creek, Kentucky

If your home is showing signs of structural problems, including uneven floors, leaning fireplaces, crooked doorways, and cracks in brickwork, it may mean that you need foundation repair. Two of the most popular and efficient underpinning methods are steel and concrete piers. The following guide details the advantages of each.

What Are the Benefits of Steel Vs. Concrete Piers for Foundation Repair? 

The Pros of Concrete Piers

Kentucky Foundation RepairConcrete piers provide structure with extra support by creating a level surface. They’re a popular method for foundation repair because they’re durable, cost-effective, and relatively easy to install. They can also carry an enormous amount of weight and are often the underpinning of choice when a structure is especially heavy. Most concrete piers only reach about 8 to 15 feet deep, however, so they’re best used in shallow soil that is fairly stable.

The Advantages of Steel Piers

Steel piers are a good method for foundation repair when a structure is positioned on deep soil that experiences quite a bit of movement. Steel piers are drilled far into the ground until they reach solid bedrock and take on the weight of the structure. Because steel piers can reach greater depths than their concrete counterparts, they’re less vulnerable to shifting and other issues that can arise as a result of fluctuating soil moisture. They’re also a good option for tall buildings that require a very sturdy foundation.


If your home or business needs foundation repair, contact the experts at The Dwyer Company today. With three locations in Kentucky and Ohio, this company provides a wide range of services for both commercial and residential properties, including concrete repair, underpinning, soil stabilization, slabjacking, and basement waterproofing. They’ve worked with customers for more than 45 years and offer an array of financing options to fit any budget. To speak with a representative and schedule an evaluation, call (859) 231-0998 for the Lexington, KY, office, (502) 489-5438 for the Louisville location, or (513) 777-0998 for the West Chester, OH, office. You can also visit their website for more information about the foundation repair services they offer.

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