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3 Furnace Upkeep Tips for Spring April 15, 2019

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3 Furnace Upkeep Tips for Spring, Middletown, Ohio

Once spring arrives, many homeowners don’t think about their furnaces until temperatures drop again in fall and winter. As the heating and cooling systems share many components to circulate air, caring for the furnace in spring will keep your home comfortable throughout the warmer months. By taking steps to improve HVAC performance, you can also prevent breakdowns when you need heat next winter. To ensure your furnace functions properly, follow the tips below. 

3 Furnace Maintenance Tasks to Tend to This Spring

1. Have Gaps in Air Ducts Sealed

Dirty air ducts can diminish indoor air quality, so clean the fixtures. If you spot gaps in the channels, call an HVAC technician for help. They will refit the ducts to remove the openings. This will keep contaminants from filtering into the gaps and recirculating in living spaces. Sealing the open areas also prevents air and heat loss that makes the HVAC system work harder and burn more energy.

2. Replace the Furnace Filter

HVACIf you have central air conditioning, it uses the same air filter as the furnace. After an entire winter of circulating heat throughout your home, the screen will be covered in dust, dirt, pet dander, and additional grime. A dirty filter restricts air flow, which forces the equipment to work overtime. If the screen is too clogged to trap contaminants, they will circulate back into your home, reducing indoor air quality and making people sick. To prevent these concerns, change the air filter. 

3. Schedule a Professional System Check

To prevent equipment malfunctions during fall and winter, have the furnace professionally serviced during spring. A furnace repair technician will check the blower , problems with the ignition system, thermostat malfunctions, and additional issues that affect system performance. They will remedy any problems they find to ensure you won’t have to deal with them when cold weather arrives.


For effective heating and cooling services, contact the team at family-owned and -operated Robinson Heating & Air Conditioning. Since 1946, the Middletown, OH-based professionals have been the leading source in the area for repairs and preventative maintenance solutions to help commercial and residential clients’ HVAC systems last longer. They will also share tips to help you spot potential problems. To schedule heating and air services, call (800) 397-8975. Visit the company online for special offers and become a Facebook fan to see photos of the technicians at work. 

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