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5 Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses August 26, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan
5 Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses, Manhattan, New York

Unless you regularly take your child to an optometrist, you might miss signs of developing vision problems. If not corrected with prescription glasses, early eye issues can set your child back academically and impede everyday tasks. Watch for the following signs to determine if your little one may need eyeglasses.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses

1. Headaches or Eye Pain

Headaches stem from a variety of causes, but frequent occurrences point to a long-term condition. If your child demonstrates discomfort around the forehead or brow area or complains about eye pain, they are likely overexerting their eyes to clear their vision.

2. Positioning Objects Close to Their Face

Myopia, also referred to glassesas nearsightedness, is one of the most common vision problems. People with myopia have poor long-distance vision but can see nearby objects clearly. You might notice your child sitting too close to the television screen or holding books up to their face to read. Bringing objects closer to their eyes will make them clearer, but if the issue is not corrected with glasses, their vision will worsen over time.

3. Excessive Eye Rubbing

Eye rubbing isn’t an unusual type of behavior for children. It can be a sign of drowsiness, allergies, or foreign objects entering the eye. However, constant and excessive rubbing could point to eye fatigue. Glasses will remove the strain on your child’s eyes.

4. Frequent Squinting

Squinting temporarily improves vision by changing the shape of the eye and decreasing the amount of light let in, allowing for better focus. If you often catch your child squinting to read or look at something, there’s a strong likelihood that they’re compensating for blurry vision.

5. Trouble With Reading or Schoolwork

While they aren’t direct physical symptoms, frustration with school, poor academic performance, and trouble reading are strong indicators of vision problems when they occur together. Students need to be able to read textbooks, computer screens, and chalkboards to learn. Difficulty deciphering these resources can lead to frustration and a lack of focus in the classroom.



Vision difficulties can negatively affect your child’s performance and quality of life. Detect these issues early on with regular appointments at Cohen’s Fashion Optical in New York, NY. Their experienced staff performs state-of-the-art eye exams for clients of all ages in a warm, welcoming environment. With a large collection of fashionable frames, you and your child can continue to express your style through your glasses of choice. Visit their website to book eye exams using exclusive offers. Call (212) 769-1410 to learn more about their services.

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