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3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioner Repair in the Spring April 22, 2019

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3 Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioner Repair in the Spring, Stonington, Connecticut

Although you might not crank the cooling system until later in the season, make sure to schedule air conditioner repairs well before summer arrives, as technicians’ appointment books fill up quickly during the warmer months. By reaching out for repairs as soon as possible, they can fit you into the schedule, ensuring equipment works when needed the most. Below are additional reasons you shouldn’t wait to arrange the appointment. 

3 Reasons Spring is an Ideal Time for Air Conditioner Repairs

1. Improve Equipment Performance

When air conditioner components are damaged, turning equipment on for spring and summer will only exacerbate issues. What was once a minor problem with a simple solution could become a major issue that causes system failure. An air conditioner repair technician will remedy refrigerant leaks and water drainage problems, replace dead motors and corroded coils, fix electrical issues, and address additional concerns that reduce the life expectancy of your system and its ability to function properly.    

2. Save on Cooling Costs

When the AC unit works correctly, less strain is placed on the system to remove heat from inside the house and circulate cold air. This means equipment will drain less energy, which can keep cooling costs low throughout the warmer months. During the appointment, the repair technician can also recommend upgrades to boost equipment efficiency, such as installing a programmable thermostat.    

3. Keep Your Family Healthy

air conditioner repairWhen technicians repair and replace damaged AC parts, they can also clean the components and replace the air filter. This reduces dust, dirt, and other particles from reaching the blower fan and causing damage. When the dirty filter is replaced, the screen can trap contaminants that get sucked into the system. This means the irritants won’t change direction and mix with the air that flows out of vents and registers. With improved indoor air quality, you won’t have to worry about your family breathing in allergens and getting sick.



If you need air conditioner repair or maintenance to prepare for heatwaves in the Northeast, reach out to the technicians at family-owned Duncklee Cooling & Heating, Inc. in Stonington, CT. For over 45 years, the technicians have been providing area residents with reliable, affordable HVAC services to keep their homes comfortable and energy costs low. To schedule a service appointment in New London County, call (860) 535-2552. Visit the company online to learn about the emergency repair services they provide.