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Why You Should Choose a Professionally-Installed Electric Dog Fence April 18, 2019

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Why You Should Choose a Professionally-Installed Electric Dog Fence, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Your pup should be able to enjoy your yard while staying safely inside the property line. Creating these boundaries without ruining your curb appeal is why many owners choose an electric dog fence. Before you try to DIY this project, consider the benefits of having one installed by a professional — both for the initial installation and the quality of your results long-term.

The Difference of an Electric Dog Fence Installed by a Professional

Why It’s Best for the Installation

Installing an electric dog fence is an involved process. Begin by determining the layout of your boundaries, then dig a trench around the perimeter to bury the wire. There are some insider tricks that a professional will know for better results, such as rounding the corners to avoid confusing the transmitter.

How It Secures Long-Term Results

electric dog fenceWhen a professional installs your system, they will train your dog to use it. As the dog approaches the boundary, they’ll hear a noise telling them to back away. If they don’t, the system will shock them just enough to get their attention. Over time, dogs can become used to the system and choose to ignore these signals. Installing a system yourself doesn’t allow you to plan for this. A professional, on the other hand, will provide proper training that will stick with your dog. If your needs change over time, they’ll adjust the system to keep your dog secure.

A professionally installed dog fence will also allow you to request additional support in the future. If your system requires repairs or you have questions about how to use it, experts will be available to help.


When you’re ready to have your electric dog fence installed by the best, turn to Unseen Fencing of Kentucky in Elizabethtown, KY. This team has more than 26 years of experience installing electric pet fencing. They offer a complete range of support, from installing your pet fence to support and adjustments over the years. Contact them online or at (502) 595-8426 to schedule a free estimate.

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