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How to Succeed as a Mobile Food Truck Owner May 1, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
How to Succeed as a Mobile Food Truck Owner, Brooklyn, New York

With food trucks continuing to enjoy popularity among New York’s locals and tourists alike, now is the time to finally consider pursuing that custom food truck you’ve been dreaming of. While it’s easy to picture the profits, fun, and priceless experience that come with owning your own mobile food business, it’s also important to consider the many challenges ahead of you. Here are some insider tips to help navigate these challenges with ease and build a thriving business.

3 Tips for Building a Food Truck Business That Sticks

1. Do Your Research

Before you put any money into a custom food truck, entrepreneurs should always do some research in their current market. What type of food truck do you want to start? If there are already a dozen trucks serving up similar eats, the market may be too saturated to make your new venture viable. Instead, identify a unique niche you can fill.

You should also make connections with existing truck owners. Take them to lunch and pick their brains about their experiences. Don’t forget to reach out to your local government about obtaining permits for parking, as well as proper licenses and approvals to operate in your desired areas.

2. Build a Good Team

custom food trucksOne important part of a successful custom food truck is the staff. This is why it is critical to begin building a reliable, skilled, and friendly team now, rather than scrambling to hire when you’re ready to open. While it may be tempting to hire quickly, remember that investing time to recruit and train new staff with long-term potential means less turnover (and headaches) for you in the long run.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Pivot

As a food truck owner, no two days will be alike. That being said, if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut, are bored by your business, or are simply experiencing operational issues, don’t be afraid to mix things up. If something’s not working, try something new, and keep experimenting. For example, many entrepreneurs regularly incorporate food trends into their menus to stay current. Put your spin on the flavor of the month to drive business.


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