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3 Tips to Format Your Business Logo for Shirt Screen Printing May 6, 2019

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3 Tips to Format Your Business Logo for Shirt Screen Printing, Honolulu, Hawaii

Shirt screen printing is an ideal way to promote your business and advertise your products or services to a much wider audience. But for a personalized shirt to be effective, it needs to have the right presentation. Below are a few tips to help you format your business logo for shirt screen printing.

How to Format a Business Logo to Print on a Shirt

1. Plan Colors Carefully

screen printingThe types and intensities of the colors you choose will play a major role in the readability of the finished shirt. Your eye-catching logo may not show up as well on certain shirt colors. For instance, if a shirt fabric is royal blue and the logo is turquoise, the closeness of those two colors will wash out the logo and make it barely visible. Go for ones with a comfortable contrast instead, like those opposite each other on the color wheel.

2. Save a Copy

Once you've decided on a final design, save an editable copy of the logo for yourself. If the screen printing service notices a mistake you inadvertently overlooked, having a saved copy will make correcting it much easier. After the first mock-up is produced, you may also want to make some last-minute tweaks. Starting over from scratch can be avoided by a simple click of the Save button.

3. Choose an Easily Transferable File Type

When sending your logo to the screen printing service, save it as a file type that will transfer the image without distortion. PDF and vector (SVG, EPS, etc.) files are ideal because they can be edited while retaining their formatting. JPGs and PNGs work well, but the resolution of your image should be at least 500 pixels. Avoid Microsoft Word files since different versions of the program read images differently.


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