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3 Home Needs That Propane Can Be Used to Heat April 24, 2019

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3 Home Needs That Propane Can Be Used to Heat, Connersville, Indiana

Propane is an efficient natural resource that can be used to handle all of your home’s heating needs. It’s much more cost-effective and quicker to heat than electric systems. Once you’ve installed a propane tank in your home, make the most of it by knowing precisely what you can use it for.

What Can You Heat With Propane?

1. Rooms

Propane is one of the most efficient options out there for heating a home. It’s a more affordable and cleaner alternative to both heating oil and electricity. Propane is a green fuel both before and after combustion, so you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your home comfortable.

2. Water

propaneHot water heaters tend to consist of about a quarter of your home’s overall energy usage, so it’s essential to have an energy-efficient one. While a propane water heater will cost more upfront than an electric one, it will be more efficient to use and deliver consistent heat. The gas will constantly heat the water, so you won’t suddenly run out in the middle of a shower.

3. Pools & Spas

Propane is an excellent fuel to heat your pool or spa since it works quickly. How much it costs to heat yours will depend on the size of your pool and the current cost of propane. However, this heating system is preferable to solar pool heaters or heat pumps since you can set the desired temperature and have your water heated to that precise temperature.


If you’re thinking of making the switch to more efficient and effective heating solutions, it’s time to have a propane tank installed at your home. Murphy’s Gas Co. Inc. has a professional staff that is ready to provide prompt installations within a 100-mile radius of Connersville, IN. Once your tank is installed, they’ll make it easy to stay warm with their convenient fuel delivery services at low rates. Get started by reaching out on their website or calling (800) 284-9585.

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