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3 Common Pests That Can Affect Trees in Minnesota April 19, 2019

Marshan, Dakota
3 Common Pests That Can Affect Trees in Minnesota, Marshan, Minnesota

Trees may be sturdy and imposing figures, but they are not immune to damage caused by certain types of pests. This damage can lead to serious issues with the growth, health, and longevity of the tree. To identify potential problems and arrange for the highest levels of tree care, below are three common pests that can affect trees in Minnesota.

Tree Pests in Minnesota

1. Emerald Ash Borers

The emerald ash borer is native to Asia, but it has spread to the eastern United States and Canada. In 2009, it was discovered in Minnesota and poses a serious threat to the one billion ash trees in the state. Emerald ash borers can infect both healthy and weak trees.

The larvae feast on the inner bark and disrupt the tree's ability to carry nutrients throughout. Signs of an infestation and the need for tree care include a loss of green in the uppermost branches; thinning and dieback of the crown and/or canopy; and branches attempting to sprout around the lower portions of the trunk.

2. Gypsy Moths

tree careGypsy moths like to feed on some 500 different types of trees, but aspens and oaks—two prevalent Minnesota trees—are among their preferred food sources. They are insatiable eaters who can defoliate whole trees in shockingly little time. Symptoms of gypsy moth infestations can range from minor leaf damage to branches and entire trees stripped bare of leaves.

3. White Pine Weevils

The white pine weevil is a native North American pest that can infect 20 different tree varieties, with eastern white and jack pines being their most frequent target of destruction. While they will rarely kill a tree outright, white pine weevils can seriously impact the healthy growth and development of the tree. Contact a tree care professional if you notice unusual wilting or drooping; new lateral shoots that create a forklike and uneven appearance; or flaccid new shoots with reddish-brown needles.


Prompt attention and treatment are the best ways to address any of these Minnesota tree pests. Rivertown Tree Service offers a variety of tree care services to the Dakota County, Minneapolis South Metro, and Hager City regions. For over four decades, they have been providing tree trimming, maintenance, and removal, as well as land clearing and storm damage cleanup. Call (651) 438-3704 or visit their website to schedule service today.

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