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4 Questions to Ask a Managed IT Service Provider April 19, 2019

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4 Questions to Ask a Managed IT Service Provider, East Northport, New York

Managed IT service providers allow businesses to outsource information technology duties, such as server design and the monitoring and management of computers and devices, to a third party. This enables experts to deal with information technology issues while the business can focus on its core competencies. If you're considering hiring a managed IT service provider, below are some important questions you should ask before making your decision.

4 Questions to Ask a Managed IT Service Provider

Can you help us move toward cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an extraordinarily efficient and cost-effective method of doing business. It frees your business from the need to invest in expensive technological infrastructure and the costs — not to mention hassles — of maintenance. A good managed IT service should help you embrace the cloud.

2. Will your service save us money?

it-serviceThe right IT consultant will not only help you save money by minimizing your infrastructure investments and operating costs; they’ll also make your expenditures more predictable. Look for a subscription-based service that enables you to forecast what you'll pay each month.

3. Are you available 24/7?

Now that communications are immediate and worldwide, many businesses no longer operate during standard business hours. You may need help with website updates and network accessibility at any time of day or night. Ask potential managed IT service providers how they will respond to off-hour calls for help.

4. Can you strengthen our company's cybersecurity?

Website hacks, malware, and information breaches are becoming more and more common. To protect yourself and your clients, make sure your IT service provider has a background in cybersecurity. Ask about firewalls, password and account management, and how they can protect you from information leaks and potential damages.


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