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4 Times It Pays to Get a Personal Loan April 24, 2019

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4 Times It Pays to Get a Personal Loan, McKinney, Texas

Between paying monthly bills and other essential expenses, paychecks can quickly disappear. While you have every intention of paying off your outstanding debt, the funds just aren’t there. Luckily, a personal loan can fill in the financial gap. Here are several instances when it may be beneficial to secure this type of solution.

4 Scenarios to Take Out Personal Loans  

1. Pay Down Credit Card Balances

Many personal loans have lower interest rates, which can help chip away at credit card debt faster. You’re not limited to just paying the minimum amounts due while interest continues to increase your overall balance. Instead, the loan speeds up the process and allows you more time to pay it back.

2. Finance Remodeling Projects

If you’re a few hundred or thousand dollars short of the budget needed for a small home remodeling project, a personal loan can help. The key is to only take out the specific amount needed to make up the difference. Depending on the scope of the renovation job, the loan may cover the entire expense.  

3. Consolidate Debt

personal loanHaving several outstanding debts can be overwhelming. Throw in a mix of different interest rates, and you might think it will take forever to pay everything off. With a personal loan, you can consolidate all of your debt into one convenient monthly payment and interest rate. You’ll be able to see the finish line much faster.

4. Cover Funeral Expenses

The unfortunate reality is that funeral services are expensive. If the deceased didn’t set aside funds, family members are often left to take care of the costs. Rather than scrambling to cover the expenses during an emotional time, take out a personal loan to ease the financial burden.


City Finance in McKinney, TX, offers assistance to anyone who needs emergency funds, like a personal loan. The state-licensed loan agency offers a variety of consumer and commercial loans up to $1,400. To speak to a friendly representative about their application process, call (972) 548-0092 or send them a message online

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